Why join?

Networking doesn’t just mean finding new customers, although it certainly can and does happen. It means developing relationships with would be service providers, industry peers, and educational providers. It means sharing information about industry news, developments, and trends. The broader one’s network becomes, the more resources one has available to them. And as we all know, those with resources ultimately succeed.

The club also provides a venue for members to entertain and treat friends, staff, and business associates to some time out, and in a cost effective manner. Our events are planned to appeal to as wide an audience as possible. For companies that can’t or don’t wish to invest the time and expense to host their own social functions, and educational seminars, the LDTC is a perfect way to reward those who deserve it. 

A single membership costs only $40 per annum, while a corporate membership which allows up to 5 members cost only $80. Members get discounted rates for events and can bring as many guests as they wish. If you have any questions or would like more information, simply contact any board member.

Upcoming Events include a Night at the Races, – our Annual General Meeting & Perch Fry, the LDTC golf tournament. Please visit our Events Page for more information.

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