Why join?

Networking doesn’t just mean finding new customers, although it certainly can and does happen. It means developing relationships with would be service providers, industry peers, and educational providers. It means sharing information about industry news, developments, and trends. The broader one’s network becomes, the more resources one has available to them. And as we all know, those with resources ultimately succeed.

The club also provides a venue for members to entertain and treat friends, staff, and business associates to some time out, and in a cost effective manner. Our events are planned to appeal to as wide an audience as possible. For companies that can’t or don’t wish to invest the time and expense to host their own social functions, and educational seminars, the LDTC is a perfect way to reward those who deserve it. 

A single membership costs only $40 per annum, while a corporate membership which allows up to 5 members cost only $80. Members get discounted rates for events and can bring as many guests as they wish. If you have any questions or would like more information, simply contact any board member.

Upcoming Events include a Night at the Races, – our Annual General Meeting & Perch Fry, the LDTC golf tournament. Please visit our Events Page for more information.

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Download Constitution and Bylaws by clicking here


Article 1 - NAME

This club shall be known as THE LONDON DISTRICT TRANSPORTATION CLUB with its headquarters in the City of London, in the Province of Ontario, Canada.

Article 2 - PURPOSES

The purposes of this club are as follows:

  1. To promote good fellowship among the purchasers and vendors of transportation and related services and to secure the advancement of personal acquaintance among members.


  1. To increase our knowledge through the sharing of experience.
  1. To provide an opportunity for exchange of ideas and information concerning business matters in an atmosphere of sociability.




Article 1 - MEMBERSHIP

The membership shall be divided into four classes: Active, Retirement, Honorary and Life.

  1. Active Membership: This membership shall consist of Officers and official representatives in the employ of transportation users, suppliers, and related services, whom the Board / Executive Committee deems eligible and acceptable.


  1. Retirement Membership: Members in good standing, who are retired by their respective firms upon application on an annual basis at the discretion of the Board / Executive Committee, may retain their membership without further payment of annual dues.
  1. Honorary Membership:  Members of Honorary rank will be appointed by the Board/Executive Committee and they shall not be required to pay annual dues.


  1. Life Membership: Members who have served as President shall have the privilege of retaining their membership for life upon payment of annual dues, regardless of business affiliation.

Limitation of Membership:

  1. The membership shall be limited to any number which the Board/Executive Committee sees fit, having due regard to the existing conditions.
  2. The Board/Executive Committee may revoke the membership of any individual whose character or actions are considered incompatible to the best interests of the club.
  3. A retired or honorary member shall have all the rights and privileges accorded to an active member but shall not be eligible to hold Executive Office.
  4. It is deemed that a single membership in THE LONDON DISTRICT TRANSPORATION CLUB is vested in the individual and will not be transferable to succeeding representatives of the employer or employers.


Article 2 – FEES & FISCAL YEAR

            The fee for membership shall be determined by the Board/Executive Committee with regard to existing conditions, and shall be due July 31st and payable by August 30th. Members who are in arrears as of Sept 1st will be dropped from the membership roll at the discretion of the Board/Executive Committee.



  1. Referred to as ‘The Board of Directors’ or ‘The executive Committee’, there will be a President, Vice President, Past President, Secretary, Treasurer, and four Directors. Others may be added as deemed necessary by the current sitting board members.


  1. Elections are held by majority vote of the general membership at the Annual General Meeting.
  1. Any member in good standing shall be eligible for election to office. Directors may be nominated by any member of the LDTC in good standing. The consent of the nominee must be obtained before nomination. It is suggested that, insofar as is possible, the named Officers shall be filled from those who have served as Directors of the Club. Officers shall be elected for a one year term. Directors shall be elected for a two year term.


  1. The Board of Directors shall deal with all questions and matters relating to management of the affairs of the Club.
  1. Should any vacancy in office occur during the term, the President will appoint a member in good standing to fill this office, subject to approval of the Board.


  1. Officers absenting themselves from three consecutive Board meetings, without good cause, will automatically relinquish office, and a successor shall be appointed by the Board for the balance of the term.


Article 4 - DUTIES

  1. The President shall preside at all meeting of the Club and the Board of Directors, and perform all duties pertaining to the office of the President. He/she shall be a member ex-officio of all committees.


  1. The Vice President shall, in the absence of the President, have all the powers and perform all of the duties of the President. The Vice President shall in the absence of the Secretary perform duties and functions of the Secretary.
  1. In the event of their absence, any other member of the Board may be assigned to them by the President and he/she shall take an active part in the affairs of the Club.


  1. The Secretary shall keep true and accurate minutes of all meetings, issuing and distributing copies thereof, and conduct the correspondence of the Club under the direction of the President.
  1. The Treasurer shall receive all monies due the Club, and pay same out when ordered by the Board. The cheques shall be signed by any of the following, as decided by the Board: President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The Treasurer shall also render a statement of the accounts to the Club at the Annual Dinner meeting and at all Executive meetings.


  1. The Directors shall perform duties as may be assigned by the President and shall take an active part in the affairs of the Club.



            The President shall be responsible for the appointment of Chairs / Co-chairs for any standing committees, Special Appointments, and Event Coordinators. These might include but are not limited to:

  1. The ANNUAL DINNER committee shall have charge of all arrangements for the Annual Dinner under the direction of the President.
  1. The MEMBERSHIP committee shall receive all applications for membership and make recommendations thereon to the Board.


  1. The PUBLICITY / COMMUNICATIONS committee shall have charge of all publicity work in the interest of the Club.
  1. The SPECIAL EVENTS committee shall have charge of the Annual Golf Outing, and all other special events under the direction of the President.


  1. The SERGEANT-AT-ARMS shall supervise the orderly Conduct of the regular meeting and shall carry out any other duties assigned to him/her by the President.
  1. The CLUB HISTORIAN shall have charge of compiling historical data in the interest of the club.


Article 7 - MEETINGS

General meetings of the Club might include but are not limited to the Summer Golf outing in August, an autumn event in October or November, a winter event in January or February and others as per the call of the Board of Directors. The Annual Dinner / Annual General Meeting shall be held on a regular date in March.

Notice of all general meetings of the Club shall be given by the Board to all members at least twenty- one (21) days in advance of the dates set for such meetings.

The Executive Committee of the Club shall meet two weeks prior to the general meetings at such time and place as it may determine, also from time to time at the call of the President with at least five days in advance of the dates of such meetings, with a minimum of once in every three month period.


Article 8 – QUORUM

Ten percent of the membership shall constitute a quorum at general meetings of the Club.  A majority number shall constitute a quorum at an Executive Committee Meeting of the Club.


Article 9 - VOTING

At all Executive meetings, each Executive member present shall have one vote. In case of a tie, the President shall have a casting vote. At all general meetings, each member in good standing shall have one vote. In the case of a tie, the President shall have a casting vote.



The Executive may from time to time, enact, repeal, amend or re-enact the Bylaws and/or Constitution of the Club. However, no such changes shall be valid or acted upon unless it is sanctioned by an affirmative vote of at least two-thirds of the members present at any general or special meeting of the Club provided the full text of such enactment, repeal, amendment, or re-enactment shall have been mailed to the members at least five days prior to the date the said meeting at which the change is to be voted on.

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