The London District Transportation Club is now in its 59th year, having been founded in 1956. The group represents ‘all that travels through southwestern Ontario’. London has been a key part of area transportation since it was established at the forks of the Thames River in 1801. The river was the principle mode of transfer for both people and product and London was the hub. Nowadays 86,000 trucks carrying 978,000 tons of freight pass through London each week. Highway 401 runs between the most populous region of Canada and all points west. Mainlines of both the Canadian National and Canadian Pacific railroads pass through and have switching yards in London. It is home to an international airport that ranks as the 11th busiest in Canada, and a Via Rail station ranking as 4th busiest passenger terminal in Canada.

We are a diverse group of businesses, currently numbering a little over one hundred. Our membership is made up of participants in the transportation industry in southwestern Ontario as well as those that are served by it and those that provide services to it. Our mandate is to improve business for our members in the transportation industry by making opportunities available to network and socialize with other community business leaders.

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